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There is a wide variety choice for buying irons, but the buying of the golf irons, it is very important for you to know something about the irons. The original aim for choosing irons is that we should give priority to effectively improve or enhance the quality of the head design styles of play. Irons play well because there are basically concerned with the swing, we are here to talk about action, but only the golf club can help you.


Type and manufacturing process of the irons


Divided from the manufacturing process the titleist 2010 ap2 irons can be casting and forging, while from the design type, irons can be divided into the knife blade and quasi-knife blade, small bucket, bucket, large bucket. Different designs have different feel, and corresponding to different levels of golf players. Casting rod, low cost, and easy to shape, to meet the needs of today's design of the golf club, the majority of commercially available products are currently casting. Because the high cost of forged products, the production cost of complex shape products even higher, so now forging products manufacturers introduced small. However, forging products, excellent feel, ball control is unmatched, is still a place in the hearts of golfers, so some big companies will launch a high-end forged knife blade, knife blade or small quasi-concave back.


American and European brands in general are mostly casting, forging brand products in Japan is relatively higher, because the main focus on forging manufacturers in Japan, and Japan is very advanced forging technology golf clubs. From the difficulty of using, the knife blade is the most difficult one, and then is quasi-knife blade, a small bucket, bucket, large bucket.


Head design for the help of hitting


Solve the slice


For the slice golfer, if it is not swing of the golf club face then is the severe OUT-SIDE-IN. After the shift by increasing the face (OFFSET), to a certain extent the problem to solve the slice. Hooked through the head design is not easy to solve, the current market does not solve the problem for the development of the head, passing here.


Solve the problem of making the ball further


The ball through the club face can also be unlikely after the shift to resolve. Face after the shift allows the user to touch the ball the moment remains in the hands in front of the ball, so that after release down to hit the club, have enough back spin and take off angle, so the ball can be easily lifted off.


choosing the proper golf irons can help you have better performance on golf course, know more about irons can be the first important thing to help your game.


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Know Irons Before Buying

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This article was published on 2010/11/02